DITSELA strives to be a Global Centre of Excellence in Workers Education



DITSELA aims to:

•         Promote the unity and solidarity of the working class locally, on the continent and globally

•         Promote the traditional union values of Democracy, Collectivism, Socio – Economic Justice and Equality

•         Raise the profile and role of workers education in building a society based on socio – economic justice for the working class

•         Advocate for workers education as an important part of the adult learning policy discourse in the country

•         Build a collaborative workers education


•        To deliver programmes that are at the cutting edge in Trade Union Education, Research and Support

•        To support the development of the organisational capacity of Trade Unions and Federations to deliver their own education and build working class power

•        To be a Workers Education Centre that offers dynamic, vibrant, critical and inspiring education that engages the evolving challenges facing the trade union movement and the broader working class

•        To build a comprehensive and responsive programme that can be reproduced, adapted and sustained throughout the labour movement

•        To maintain an open space for critical reflection and engagement across political and industrial sectors

•        To embody and promote through its work, the democratic views and ethos of the trade union movement

•        To provide a dynamic capacity building model as a responsive learning organisation

•        To encourage through practice the commitment to ploughing back learnings to strengthen the labour movement

•        To become an accredited provider of Workers Education

•        To build alliances and networks with organisations that have similar objectives