National Education Programme

Strategic Priority: The National Education Programme is designed to help build and strengthen union organisation through innovative and creative responses to the challenges facing the labour movement..
This work is underpinned by the strategic objectives of consolidating the existing education programmes that have grown over the years in line with the needs of our constituency. It is also to help build the capacity of the labour movement’s to deliver its own education programmes.

For 2012, in an attempt to respond to the challenges faced by the Labour Movement, we are offering the following:

Danlep: Educator development

         Five other Danlep courses, i.e. Labour Law AdvancedLeading &  Managing Trade Unions; 

         Organiser  DevelopmentPolitical Economy and Women Development, will be redeveloped in 2012 for

         delivery in 2013.

Siyakhuluma Seminars - discussing topical issues from a workers’ education perspective                                                                                                      
Trade Union Practices Qualification - this was a project embarked upon with all the Federations and the ETDP Seta as the funder. It has reached its final stages. We are planning to host a graduation ceremony at the launch of the first block of Danlep Educator in May.