DITSELA aims to contribute to strengthening the labour movement by:

  1. Delivering programmes that are at the cutting edge in trade union education, research and support.
  2. Supporting the development of the organisational capacity of trade unions and federations towards delivering their own education provision and the building of working class power.
  3. Striving to be a worker-education center that offers dynamic, vibrant, critical and inspiring education that engages the evolving challenges facing the trade union movement and the broader working class.
  4. Building a comprehensive and responsive programme that can be reproduced, adapted and sustained throughout the labour movement.
  5. Maintaining an open space for critical reflection and engagement.
  6. Embodying and promoting the democratic views and ethos of the trade union movement.
  7. Striving to be a responsive learning organisation.
  8. Encouraging unionists who participate in the Ditsela programme to ploughback their learnings to strengthen the labour movement.