• To help new administrators to locate themselves in the labour
  • To understanding what a union is and the role of an
    administrator in supporting the work of the union.
  • To share cross-union experiences and the challenges faced
    by administrators.
  • To develop and practice the administrative skills required to
    work effectively.
  • To introduce key labour laws.
  • To develop an understanding of the role administrators can
    play in securing workers their legal rights.
  • To build the confidence of administrators to read and use legal materials to answer workers’ queries.
  • The role of the administrator in union context
  • Key issues around union organisation, history, purpose, values
    and labour debates
  • Basic skills required in union administration, in a problem
    solving context.
  • Understanding the legal framework and how laws are made
  • Understanding the LRA and the role of the administrator
  • Practising dealing with common queries
  • Looking at other key labour laws and issues

This course is best suited to new union administrators