An overview of Labour Laws.

  • Key aspects of the LRA and its practical application. · Understanding the BCEA.
  • Understanding the EEA and how employers and unions can use it.
  • Non-legal aspects of dismissals
  • Categorisation of different types of dismissal
  • Dismissal for misconduct, incapacity and operational requirements
  • Dealing with dismissals at the workplace · Referring disputes to CCMA
  • The role of the administrator in union context
  • Key issues around union organisation, history, purpose, values
    and labour debates
  • Basic skills required in union administration, in a problem
    solving context.
  • Understanding the legal framework and how laws are made
  • Understanding the LRA and the role of the administrator
  • Practising dealing with common queries
  • Looking at other key labour laws and issues

Organisers, shopstewards and unionists who need an understanding of labour law and how it can be used to complement union organisation