How to Apply

Practical Information

To attend any of the courses you must be nominated by your union
and have a completed DITSELA course application form authorised
by your union.

Unions and Federations decide who attends DITSELA courses. The
application form must be signed by the National Education Secretary
or General Secretary of your union or by an official/ office bearer who
has been mandated to do so.

Please e-mail or fax the completed and authorised form to DITSELA well
in advance of the course. Attach your copy of your ID. This is the
requirement for our database and funders.


For one day seminars such as the Siyakhuluma seminar, letters and invitations are sent to all Gauteng and Western Cape based union offices with a reply slip attached. Those interested in attending, are to complete and e-mail this back to DITSELA. Travel costs to the seminars, hosted in Johannesburg /Cape Town are for your own account.


All applicants and their unions will be notified of the outcome of their application depending on the total number of applicants per course.

This is to ensure that space is given fairly to all unions that have applied.
And that an appropriate gender balance is achieved. To encourage women participation, DITSELA has a policy for childcare. This is for 6 months to 6 years. A woman participant that needs such support must let DITSELA know two weeks before the course starts.

Successful applicants and their unions will receive further information about the course and will be asked to confirm attendance and dietary requirements.


Facilitators are drawn from a combination of DITSELA staff, unionists, union educators, Labour Service Organisation and university departments or institutes


Short Non-Accredited Courses

DITSELA will issue a certificate of attendance to participants who attend the whole course.

DANLEP (DITSELA Advanced National Labour Education Programme) 

Participants who complete these courses will receive a University Certificate at level 6 of the National Qualifications Framework. DITSELA will issue certificates to participants who have met the course requirements of attendance, participation and assessment.


This qualification is accredited by ETDP Seta. Participants who complete the course and are competent will get an accredited certificate from ETDP Seta at NQF Level 4. DITSELA will issue certificates to participants who have met the course requirements of attendance, participation and assessment


Although DITSELA courses are highly subsidised, unions pay a minimal fee for their participants. This is in keeping with the principle adopted by the Federations that unions must contribute to the cost of DITSELA’s programme.

The fee structure is subject to change by DITSELA in consultation with the Federations. DITSELA will invoice the union/federation head office after course has finished.

SHORT Courses /Workshops

There is no attendance fee, except for transport, which trade unions
must provide.



Participants and/ or their unions are responsible for transport arrangements and any travel costs that are incurred including travel to and fro airports, parking and tollgates.


DITSELA will arrange accommodation for participants who are unable to travel daily to a course venue. Please note accommodation is on shared basis. Should a participant not be able to share, s/he or his/her union can pay a single room. This must be arranged directly with the
hotel/venue. Where participants are required to be resident, DITSELA will make arrangements with the unions concerned.

The long national courses are residential. For other courses, accommodation is provided for those unable to travel daily and whose union approves the accommodation. Participants and unions will be informed of any changes to these arrangements for a particular course.

Time off and lost wages

Participants and their unions are responsible for making arrangements for time off and payment of lost wages.

Code of Conduct

All participants are expected to adhere to a Code of Good Conduct. This includes proper use of facilities, being on time and attending the full course. Harassment of all kinds, including sexual harassment, is not acceptable

Childcare facilities

Participants requiring childcare must notify DITSELA immediately after their acceptance to attend a course has been confirmed. DITSELA will provide childcare for children from 6 months up to six years old. Language Due to resource constraints, all DITSELA courses are written and facilitated in English. However, as far as possible, we will make provision within a course for those who wish to express themselves in their preferred language.


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