What is a trade union?

What is a trade Union?

This is a membership-based organization. It mainly comprises of workers whose aim is to come together for a common goal. Usually, the trade union regulates relations between employers and employees. This said, one may wonder, what are the functions of trade unions? Generally, these organizations are meant to advance worker’s welfare. However, the roles may differ based on the types of organization and the country in question.

Roles and responsibilities of trade unions in South Africa As it is, trade unions in South Africa are the strongest and most stable compared to other African countries. With over 100 registered trade unions, it is not surprising that over 3.2 million workers who make 26% per cent of the formal workforce belong to one trade union or another. This brings us to the issue of trade union types. How many types of trade unions are there in South Africa? With these many workers’ groups, there are several categories of unions.

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